Comprehensive service from the idea phase right through to delivery.

Ideas are our raw material, from which we generate designs for clients as well as for our own product lines. We are experts in making tangible whatever project you may have in mind.
We design the products you wish to create, produce them in the quantities you require, and ship them anywhere on the planet you need them.


Specialists in assembly and integration

The engineers on our expert team are specialized in machinery, electronics, and IT. This professional wealth allows us to go further and take on complex projects in all sorts of sectors, including air conditioning, printing, access control, digital billboards, and more.

We offer our clients a comprehensive service, from the product idea through to delivery.

Some examples of electromechanical solutions we have produced and delivered:
• Paper feeders for multifunction printers.
• Digital kiosks for personal service.
• Heat interchange items.
• Parking barriers.
• Evaporation items.

We make your work easier, any idea you have is possible.


For half a century we have been designing and manufacturing metal products, from complex assemblies to pieces that clients incorporate into their solutions.


Thanks to our experience and our design team, we can declare that we are able to create just about any sort of electromechanical product.

Do you have an idea? We can create it

Class Mf is a firm capable of creating and producing your ideas reliably and with maximum efficacy.

We also offer a catalogue of our own original and cutting edge products, from chimney designs to 3D visors to designer furniture.

At Class Mf, we seek to grow, learn, and improve:
• By providing solutions to our clients in the industrial sector.
• By innovating: our creative minds are always looking to invent new and effective products to offer in our catalogue. Products able to optimize the quality of life of our clients.


Original Equipment Manufacturer

If you have a design you wish to create, we’re experts in producing them, with nearly half a century of professional experience designing products for large multinationals like Canon or Rittal, at whatever size the client requires.

No resources?

We place within your reach:
• A team comprised of 145 employees, most of whom have been with us for over 15 years, demonstrating their commitment and providing Class Mf with their experience.
• Contemporary, cutting-edge technology that allows us to give our clients products that meet the highest quality standards. We have hole-punchers, folding machines, laser cutters…
• Redundant facilities with the goal of increasing flexibility, including two lines for powder coating, two lines for packing, two loading docks, and two assembly lines.


Distance simply isn’t a problem for us, any part of the world is within reach thanks to Emka Logistics, a company in our group that makes the effective delivery of our products possible.

Closer than you think

One of our added values is our logistic efficiency thanks to our group company Emka, that makes any part of the world quickly within reach.

By land, air, or sea, however the client prefers and wherever they need it.

Emka is a firm that is specialized in international transport and logistic services. The company’s goal is based on offering service management that is very personalized and tailored, with flexibility and innovation in light of the specific needs of each client.

With an extensive network of agents on six continents, we offer total overage, always seeking the best solutions to the daily challenges posed by exacting clients all over the world.

We’re here to help make your business successful.

We offer ideas, innovation, and determination in one package.

Let’s begin!